Can someone else at my business participate?
We can coordinate the study with anyone at the business but only one person per business can get paid. The best person is the one who is responsible for going through the mail each day.

Do you want all mail received at a business or only mail addressed to the owners?
It does not matter who the mail is addressed to as long as it was received by your business.

What types of mail should I send back?
We track mail that is related to nine key categories (credit card, banking, insurance, investment, loans and mortgages, telecommunications, technology, travel and shipping). Please see our comprehensive guide on what type of mail we are looking for.

What kind of mail should I not send in?
We are not interested in magazines or newspapers.

What if I am not sure if I should send something?
If it is related to one of the nine key categories go ahead and send it and we will decide if we need it.

What about privacy and confidential information
Privacy is very important to us and the identity of panelists will be kept 100% confidential. All personal information gets removed manually by a data entry team. The pieces are then audited to ensure there is no personalization left on the piece.
In addition, the information you provide at sign-up will not be distributed to any third-party, and you will not be solicited for any other services.

When should I send in my mail?
Send the envelope with the mail back at the end of every month.

What happens to my mail? Will I get it back?
Unfortunately due to the volume of mail received for the study we can not send it back to you. We shred your mail and then have the paper recycled so that your identity is protected.

How and when do I get paid?
All participants who return usable pieces will be issued an electronic payment once per month via PayQuicker.com, our secure direct deposit provider. These payments can then be transferred to a checking or savings account of your choosing with no cost to you. Payments are made the third week of each month. More information on PayQuicker.com can be found on their website or by reading this document.

Panelists will receive an invitation to the PayQuicker website when they have earned their first payment from the panel.

Business Intelligence Panel ensures the privacy of our panelists. You will not be solicited in any way as a result of your participation.