What is it about?

Direct mail advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry. Companies spend vast amounts of money and test different strategies to stand out in the mailbox and get their mail read by key decision makers at companies like yours. This study is part of Mintel’s market research service.

Mintel is a leading provider of competitive intelligence, a member of the Better Business Bureau and maintains the Business Intelligence Panel, among other panels, to monitor and analyze direct mail. With more than 15 years of experience working with large and small companies, Mintel’s research informs new marketing campaigns and offers in these sectors.

What type of mail?

Businesses receive a lot of direct mail, some might refer to this as junk mail, and often this mail goes straight into the garbage after a quick glance. To us, this mail is important and valuable. There are a lot of really interesting trends and strategies that companies use to target various businesses with different types of offers.

Our Business Intelligence Panel is comprised of business owners who send us the direct mail they receive within nine key categories that we monitor:
  • Credit Cards
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Telecommunications
  • Technology (IT)
  • Travel
  • Shipping Services

What is the compensation?

As a member of our Business Intelligence Panel, you will be compensated $50 per month ($600 a year), along with the opportunity to be a part of contests to earn you even more.

We are currently recruiting new panelists. Participation will ultimately help shape the future of how companies market their products to businesses by mail.

Want to earn more from the Business Intelligence Panel? Join our e-mail program! Please contact Brandon Fathers at brandonfathers@businessintelpanel.com for additional details.

Business Intelligence Panel ensures the privacy of our panelists. You will not be solicited in any way as a result of your participation.